PT Electronics, Inc was founded on two basic principles; to provide excellent quality electronic components at affordable prices and to provide superior repair services at affordable prices. We believe in providing electronic components and repair services at a cost effective price is crucial for many companies. We take pride in our workmanship. Here at PT Electronics, Inc. we strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

About PT Electronics, Inc.

Companies that utilize industrial equipment often can’t repair these machines themselves. Without a doubt, such equipment is quite complicated, and problems are difficult to diagnose or repair. PT Electronics, Inc. provides all of these services and more for our business clients. Our company strives for excellent customer service and results that can’t be found anywhere else. Therefore, we treat all clients’ needs with urgency and respect. Thousands of businesses have found solutions they need thanks to our technicians.

When we hire new technicians, our hiring managers ensure they have years’ worth of experience in the industry. By taking in experts, we ensure that our technicians can handle repair jobs without causing further problems. PT Electronics, Inc. stands by its repair experts and their work. Each client receives a money-back guarantee alongside a thorough warranty against issues. Compared to our competitors, we can’t be beaten in price or services offered. Plus, we have the friendliest technicians in the industry.

We service a variety of industrial equipment for numerous uses and from countless manufacturers, so feel free to contact us as soon as possible.

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Services Provided By PT Electronics, Inc.

Clients often come to us after their industrial equipment breaks down. Others come to us because machines are malfunctioning or behaving oddly. At that point, we schedule a free evaluation of the equipment in question. A technician will arrive and check out all pieces of equipment. He or she will look for and diagnose issues during the evaluation. After the evaluation is completed, customers will receive a quote for the repairs that are deemed necessary. We won’t begin repairing issues until the client has approved the work.

For each industrial machine, we tackle the electronic issues before anything else. Our experts don’t repair broken electronics and other issues, though. A given technician will actually remove damaged sections of a machine. From there, these broken or frayed parts are replaced with brand new components. This ensures that potential problems in the future are avoided altogether. The technician will then repair non-electrical issues within the equipment. In most cases, this process can be completed within five business days. More complicated equipment could require further time to diagnose and repair, though.

Repaired equipment is then run through various diagnostics to ensure proper functioning. After every single repair job, we perform these tests to guarantee that nothing is amiss. Clients will see these tests performed in person, and they’ll know that their equipment has been fixed 100%. Technicians check every inch of an industrial machine, and no areas are left untouched by such testing. In the end, each client receives their machinery in like-new condition with all issues remedied. Older machines will even function like they’re brand new.

Every repair comes with a one-year warranty against defects related to our technician’s work. If anything happens to a client’s equipment, then we’ll come back and repair the problem once again. Otherwise, clients can request a refund under their warranty in some cases. PT Electronics, Inc. seeks to satisfy every single customer, so we provide this one-year warranty for that very reason.

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